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Fanfiction, Sketch and Doujinshi scrapbook
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This is Hikari no Oto's scrapbook for fanfiction, artwork, and doujinshi (in otherwords, work belonging to iconoclastiac and wetheril).

[02.21.2004] Basically, all our new artwork/projects will be listed here from now on. ^^ Entries are usually open to the public unless they
1. Are unfinished sketches, or ideas/projects in development. (semi-spoilerish)
2. Contain NC-17 material, in which case, you need to notify wetheril to add you to that filter.

If you join the community, you won't be able to post to it, but you'll be able to see most of the protected entries. And feel free to watch this; be my guest. ^^ どうぞ よろしくおねがいします。

Places to visit:

wetheril - Wetheril's main journal
iconoclastiac - sister's journal
zhoxy - brother's journal
insanityquill - T.S.I. Institute: doujinshi circle co-maintained by fujis and wetheril

[ Hikari no Oto ] - Hikari no Oto Doujinshi Circle Main Site
~ Blood and Ebony ~ - Ongoing manga by Wetheril
:: Dreamer's Haven :: - Iconoclastiac's main site + manga
Cheesemonsters Anthology - yaoi/shounen-ai doujinshi circle, in English